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LETTER CAMPAIGN: Stand with the National Urban League Against Lawmakers Pushing the Anti-DEI Agenda!

Reverend T. Wendell Foster Recreation Center 1020 Jerome Avenue, Bronx

Shame on Texas Governor Greg Abbott! On June 14, 2023, one of the nation’s most sweeping bans on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives at public universities was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott! This bill—Senate Bill 17 (SB-17)—effectively jeopardized the future of inclusive learning in the state. The law prohibits universities from establishing or maintaining offices dedicated to DEI. This eliminates dedicated staff and resources focused on promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. The law restricts universities from considering factors like diversity in the hiring process. SB-17 also limits diversity training for faculty and staff, discussions on race, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation that could be considered DEI-related! This isn’t just a Texas issue—it’s a dangerous precedent for education nationwide. A concerted effort to dismantle DEI initiatives and roll back decades of hard-won educational equity progress. As of April 2024, at least 8 other states (Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah) have passed similar bans and lawmakers in at least 19 states are pursuing restrictions on diversity initiatives in time for next year’s election cycle. Bans on university diversity efforts is not unique to the “Lone Star State” but provides a bleak glimpse of the future […]