Our collective emphatically oppose the attacks being waged on educational curricula in the United States and elsewhere against intersectionality, critical race theory, Black feminism, queer theory, and other frameworks that address structural inequality.


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Here are 10 ways you can get involved and add your light in the sky so that others can find you and be inspired. What is most important is that you call, text, post, read, write, or speak out on why you care about fighting for the Freedom to Learn and our multiracial democracy. Let us hear from you and see you on May 3rd no matter where you are and how many people–if any–are physically next to you. We are all standing together and sending up flares so that other like-minded people can see where we are and be inspired to join this community!


Freedom to Learn TV featuring Kimberlé Crenshaw tuning in on the ground in NYC who was joined by Kaye Wise Whitehead from the National Womens’ Studies Association Teach-in in Maryland. During the morning segment we welcomed Luke Harris to speak about the work ahead of the National Day of Action followed by educators, James Whitfield, Amy Donofrio, and Matthew Hawn who were all targeted for teaching the truth. We later welcomed scholars Cathy J. Cohen, Anthea Butler, David Blight, Daniel HoSang and Jason Stanley to outline the attacks on Black feminism, queer theory, and the historical context for what is happening in the US. Fresh off his performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Roy Wood, Jr. joined us to share how he uses comedy to illuminate what is really behind the wave of attacks on CRT and on teaching the truth in our schools. We welcomed back author Maggie Tokuda-Hall to speak about how she stood up against Scholastic Publishing’s censorship of her book Love in the Library. We followed up post-rally with guest host David Johns talking with UT-Austin scholar-activist Ashley Farmer and South Carolina organizer, Crystal Rouse. Khalil Gibran Muhammad closed out F2L TV after interviewing Boston organizer Liz Phipps-Soeiro, Cliff Albright from Black Voters Matter, and TJC’s President, Barbara Arnwine, joining us from New Orleans.



When Racial Reckoning and Anti-Wokeness” Collide – What’s Left Out of AP African American Studies and Why Everyone Should Care


Listen to others share their experience and impact of a banned book(s) in their lives.


Get ready for a day of national action to fight for our freedom to learn.

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Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of #brownvboardofeducation. Today and every day moving forward, we must fight for the true legacy of Brown V. Board Of Education ✊🏾📚

As @kimberlecrenshaw states in the full statement, “This reckoning with history is particularly urgent as the segregation of school children increases across the country and while the segregation of knowledge accelerates, fueled by bans on books and educational materials that address race, racism, and Black empowerment. We must understand this deliberate attempt to prevent students from learning about systemic injustices together with the systematic underfunding of schools serving minority populations and the barriers that perpetuate the continued segregation of communities, school and life chances. These are all a part of a concerted effort to weaken the possibility of multiracial democracy and the integrated, inclusive and well-resourced education system that is required to support it.”
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Join AAPF, NationSwell (@nationswell) and the Marguerite Casey Foundation (@casey.grants) to discuss #SayHerName: Black Women’s Stories of Police Violence and Public Silence, an #MCFBookClub event.

ln Chelsea, NYC on Friday, May 10th, Kimberlé Crenshaw (@kimberlecrenshaw) and Rhanda Dormeus (@nightnurse46), member of the #SayHerName Mothers Network, will be in conversation with Carmen Rojas, President & CEO of Marguerite Casey Foundation, as we learn how we can incorporate an intersectional approach in our own work for justice — and how we can best lend our own voices in service of naming and ameliorating the violence that harms Black women and girls.

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On May 3rd, the day of the Freedom To Learn 2nd Annual National Day of Action, AAPF stood alongside partners to launch Freedom Summer 2024. We marched from the Library of Congress, the repository of our nation’s knowledge, to the Supreme Court to draw the line against censorship, repression and the so-called war on woke. 

This Freedom Sunday, let us be reminded by the words of @kimberlecrenshaw who said: “The attack on the freedom to learn is NOT behind us. In this country today, nearly 40% of the books that are banned are written by or are about people of color and LGBTQ themes.“

“That’s why we have to fight for the freedom to learn. Ignorance about our past is the Achilles heel of democracy. We can’t save this democracy without confronting its weakest link.“

“So here’s what we say today and every day during Freedom summer of 2024:

No U-Turn, We won’t go back! 
Our Freedom to Learn is under attack!

Say it, Repeat it, Do It, Today, and every day until we are free to take our country back.”
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@howard1867 students joined us at the Supreme Court to remind us that “The people united will never be divided!”

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No U-Turn, We Won’t Go Back. Our Freedom To Learn is Under Attack! ✊🏾
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@morganstateu students showed out today for the #FreedomToLearn! ✊🏾📚📒 

If you’re in DC, join us at 11amET at the Supreme Court as we kick off our rally for #FreedomSummer2024
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