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F2L HomeRoom – Warning Signs: How the Fight for Our Schools is the Fight for Our Lives

Event Location: Virtual

Event DescriptionThis F2L Homeroom will start with some opening words from Kaye Wise Whitehead (F2L) and Kimberlé Crenshaw (AAPF/F2L), who return with our popular The Good, the Bad and the Ugly segment to keep everyone up to date on the latest anti-woke attacks. Next, we’ll feature a conversation with our Right to Learn coalition partner John Heffernan and then a discussion between Kate English, Executive Director of Educators’ Institute for Human Rights and Trey Walk, Democracy Researcher and Advocate from Human Rights Watch to explain why human rights advocates are so alarmed about the situation in the US. Then, we have a special performance by AAPF Artist in Residence Gina Loring. Georgetown University Professor Donald Moynihan will present his research on the ways that the media amplifies right wing propaganda campaigns through an analysis of how Claudine Gay was targeted. Anti-racist educator Tim Wise will provide a weekly segment on how to talk about this political moment with people who don’t yet see its urgency. AAPF Vice-President of Communications Jocelyn Walker will share one crucial communication tip to sharpen your media literacy, and Kaye Wise Whitehead will return to highlight one way we can become better activated in the movement.