1.  Start at home!

Look on your bookshelves for one of the banned books in this image or download and print the photo. Take a photo of yourself holding the book that is most important to you or holding the image with a post-it that says “I Read Banned Books!”  Upload your photo here, email the photo to us at [email protected] or post with #FreedomtoLearn or #FreedomSummer2024.

2.  Demand Accountability!

Sign the Open Letter Against Anti-woke Censorship and join over 7,000 people speaking up against censorship of intersectionality, critical race theory, Black feminism, queer theory, and other frameworks that address structural inequality by the anti-woke faction and enablers like the College Board. Text us that you signed at 855-579-1270.

3.  Raise Your Voice!

Call into your local radio station on May 3rd and uplift why you care about the Freedom to Learn National Day of Action. Or call (410) 319-8888 from 2-4 pm ET to share your May 3rd and Freedom Summer 2024 updates on the “Today With Dr Kaye” show – they are doing daily live highlights. Text us at 855-579-1270 to let us know what you said.

4.  Amplifiy Our Messages!

Use this social media toolkit to share graphics and sample posts on social media about what people need to know about DEI, CRT, Freedom Summer, or Project 2025. Use #FreedomtoLearn and #FreedomSummer2024. Text us at 855-579-1270 to let us know you took action. https://bit.ly/May3rdSocialMediaActionKit

5.  Give Your Time!

Sign up to volunteer with Black Voters Matter to support voter registration during Freedom Summer 2024 at: https://blackvotersmatterfund.org/volunteer/.Text us that you did it at 855-579-1270 or upload or email a photo of a selfie with a handwritten note: “I am volunteering in honor of Freedom Summer 2024 because I know the freedom to vote and the freedom to learn are connected!”

6.  Stand Up for Books!

Use these prompts to create a Freedom Readers video or letter about the banned books or concepts that are most important to you. Email us your letter or upload your video here.

7.  Get Involved Locally!

Research your local school board here and invite 5 friends to attend their next meeting and vote in the next school board election. Text us at 855-579-1270 or email us that you made a plan today.

8.  Speak out!

Write your own letter to the editor demanding better coverage of the attacks on the freedom to learn and our democracy or join this letter to the editor campaign against book bans from our R2L partner Every Library. Text us at 855-579-1270 or email the letter to us.

9. Tell Your Child’s Story!

Use questions from this worksheet to create a video or letter testimonial about the harms you or your child have experienced from educational censorship or “Lost Cause” narratives still in school curricula. Email us your letter or upload your video here.

10. Leave No Power On the Table!

Sign this Voting Pledge to honor the legacy of activists like those from Freedom Summer 1964 who knew that the fight for the freedom to learn and the fight for the freedom to vote are one and the same! Print and sign this image or take a selfie photo with it and send it to us at [email protected] or post with #FreedomtoLearn or #FreedomSummer2024.